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What Locals think of Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency set to launch in 2020

One would thing that when a technology juggernaut as facebook announces a bold new venture– especially one of this caliber, the entire world will halt at its beckoning call. However, Surprisingly, at the heart of silicon valley; less than 10 miles from Facebook headquarter; a place where locals become the early adopters of technology by proximity; and where most can claim to know a thing or two about technology, most locals in San Jose, Ca. are not aware of the highly publicized and controversial Libra cryptocurrency set to launch in the year 2020.

We persisted to find a few locals that were aware and willing to share their thoughts of the Libra announcement. Most were quick proclaim their skepticism, doubts, and apprehension towards the idea of Facebook launching its own Cryptocurrency despite being reminded of its notable and revered founding partners such as Paypal, Uber, Visa, etc. that will play a major role in the Libra Cryptocurrency.

We spoke with San Jose State University Senior Connor, who believes that the current cryptocurrencies have not lived up to its hype hence what more could the Libra bring to the first world that could make a significant impact and perhaps it is geared towards developing countries.

LinkedIn: Blockchain is a Top Skill for 2020

Did you know that blockchain is one of the most sought after hard-skills for 2020? So says employment-oriented service LinkedIn in its “most in-demand hard skills for 2020” report. The latter is just one more evidence that this modern technology is fast gaining adoption around the world. Moreover, it has become useful in just about any industry; hence, recruiters are constantly looking for talents in the space.

Blockchain Ranked as the Most Sought After Hard Skill for 2020

On January 9, 2020, LinkedIn revealed that Blockchain is the top hard skill employers need most in 2020. And if you’re wondering what a hard skill is, the company says it is an employee’s ability to perform a specific task. Also, hard skills are high in demand due to the advancements in modern technology.

Blockchain, on the other hand, came in the top, beating other niches that may have been a hot cake years ago. Some of these are cloud computing, analytical reasoning, artificial intelligence, UX design, Business analysis, amongst others. The same can be said about areas such as affiliate marketing, scientific research, and sales.

Blockchain’s Decentralization, Immutability, Spikes Demand for Skill

Interestingly, the surge in interest for blockchain talents was tied to the benefits offered by the distributed ledger technology. These benefits include decentralization, immutability, traceability, and transparency. Each of these features is beneficial to companies in the Educational, Agricultural, Tech, Oil, and other industries.

In the case of decentralization, no single entity has control over the blockchain and its stored data. As a consequence, decisions cannot be made to either manipulate data or even control how the system is used. This differs from traditional financial and governmental systems that are either controlled by the central bank or government.

Practical Uses Cases of the Blockchain and its Impact on Adoption

What’s more, the traceability advantage of blockchain has proved very useful in tracking a product’s supply chain. For instance, agricultural products can be traced from the farm to the processor, and to the final consumer. The same applies to jewelry with some consumers wanting to know if it violated any human rights laws or posed environmental concerns.

We’ve seen countries like Malaysia help in fishing out fake degree certificates with the blockchain, and copyrighted works protected using the blockchain. Blockchain-based voting systems have also been developed to bring about a free and fair election, while also offering speed.

This and many more have brought about a surge in the adoption of blockchain in the past year. Based on LinkedIn’s report, the same is going to be the case in the current year, since the distributed ledger technology has proven to be useful in more cases than one.

Writer Blasts Justin Sun for Promoting TRON Using Kobe Bryant’s Death

A displeased writer has picked up their knife & pitchfork and spat fire at cryptocurrency company Tron and its CEO Justin Sun for daring to promote its native asset, TRON using legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant’s death. Moreover, it just happened to be at a time when the deceased’s family and fans are still trying to come to terms with Bryant’s and his 13-year-old daughter’s demise.’

Justin Sun Promotes TRON Using Kobe Bryant’s

Justin Sun didn’t know he had it coming when he and TRON Foundation decided to do a little bit of marketing using the late Kobe Bryant’s name. Bryant and his daughter, Gianna Bryant were killed in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020.

TRON Foundation tweeted that the late Bryant “is a member of the TRON Family”. The crypto company also publicized a picture Justin Sun took with the late icon in 2019, while at the Tron event, niTROn 2019. Also, a video of Sun with a souvenir wearing the LA Lakers jersey was uploaded. And specifically, the jersey sported number 24, which Bryant played during his career.

Media Outlet Blasts Justin Sun

On the other hand, it was all heaven broke loose when a writer threw shades at Tron Foundation, most especially Justin Sun for always seizing an opportunity to promote its native asset, TRON. However, this time around, it had gone a bit too far.  According to the writer, Sun was using the Icon’s image to promote his dying cryptocurrency. TRON is about 90% down from its value in January 2018.

While many may applaud the writer’s bravery in calling out Tron and Sun for the deed, it appears to have been pent up anger, fueled by the previous events. Prior to this time, Sun had announced that Liverpool FC has partnered with Tron. However, the British professional football club Liverpool refuted the claim.

Bitcoin and Fiat Saga Over Coronavirus

Nonetheless, the cryptocurrency community has been blasted time and again for taking advantage of certain events to promote Bitcoin and other assets. For instance, many users on social media began to publicize that paper money encourages the spread of the coronavirus. Whereas, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer digital transfers, thereby reducing the need to come in contact with cash.

The latter was also enough to stir an uproar given that several Bitcoin bears, began to publicize that fiat can also be transferred digitally. Moreover, China has one of the largest digital payment systems in the world.

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