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Will meet expected growth after partnership deals? is not only a crypto trading platform with a great name, it also has its own coin called coin. platform which supports its coin is fast becoming one of the popular platforms to buy and sell your cryptocurrency.  From its inception in 2016, has been making strides to differentiate itself and take a slice of the market.

Currently the Singapore exchange company supports over 10 millions users and 3,000 employees.  It has secured some very impressive partnerships deals with the UFC, Formula one, Lega Series A, Paris Saint-Germains F.C., the Philadelphia 76ers, Montreal Canadiens, and the most notable is the purchase of naming right to the Los Angeles staples Center.  A reported 700 million dollar acquisition that changes the name to for 20 years.

Considering the aforementioned achievements, it is appropriate to question why is currently  at 0.7507 and yet to demolish the one dollar mark.  One can become even more worried for when juxtaposed with its competitor Binance.  Binance started just one year after in 2017, it also has its own coin called Binance coin.  However, Binance coin is currently  at $631.52 per coin with a market cap of $103 billion.  Those numbers shows a clear difference from

Price disparity between Crypto coin and Binance coin.

What could be the cause of such huge price disparity between Binance coin and Crypto coin?  There are several factors, but I will point out some critical ones.  One possible factor is that Binance is still a private company that has a total of $1B in funding, with CEO CZ Zhao  still the largest share holder.   The company also only uses one-fifth of profits to repurchase and permanently burn Binance coins in their treasury.  lastly, Binance has been aggressively acquiring new markets by securing licenses to operate all over the world. on the contrary is public company that has raised a relatively meager total of $26.7 million in round one funding.  It also raised an additional $200 million under its crypto fund.  However, it is evident that most of those funds, including their profits may have been diverted into potentially lucrative partnership deals.  With such strategic partnerships, I believe that in five years, coin will surpass the top trading platforms such as Binance and Coinbase.


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