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What is an unstoppable domain?

The introduction of domains means that the evolution of cryptocurrency and internet at large is here to stay.  Just like the dot com, org, and net era, we have the advent of  blockchain, crypto, and  NFT, domains.  You can can now purchase a dot X, Crypto, Bitcoin, NFT, etc.

Once you purchase, a domain with any of the extension, they are yours forever, meaning no renewal fees.  You can use your new domain name to make transaction, replacing the current longs and nonsensical crypto wallet addresses.  That also means no more copying and pasting long wallet address or having the fear copying the wrong address and sending to the wrong wallet.

You can purchase these domains by simply linking your current wallet at Unstoppable Domains and Opensea there you can sell and purchase domains ending in dot X such as Tradenet.X or Favcoins.X.

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