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Ethereum-based platform Uniswap has been delisting tokens.

It looks like the purge as Uniswap, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform delisted several tokens from its platform after regulatory scrutinies by the US congress.  The latest cryptocurrencies delisted by Uniswap are tokenized stocks like Synthetix and Tether GoldUniswap made the decision after the US laws prevented the company from selling certain investments.  The decision was also encourage after witnessing the world largest Crypto exchange platform Binance receive an international crackdown.  Binance had to suspended its tokenized stocks after regulatory officials in the U.K, Hong Kong, Italy, and Germany implied to relegate the tokens as securities.  Reports from Decrypt suggest that there will be an increased scrutiny from the US securities and exchange commission into company operations.

The crackdown is evident, Just last week, the Texas State Securities Board filed cease and desist  order against crypto lending platform Blockfi over the alleged sale of unregistered securities.  The Securities chairman also made it known that he is keeping close watch on anyone looking to issue stock tokens.  The chairman has already taken legal action against issuers and more actions are being considered.  The says that these platform must work within the securities regime.


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