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Why Every Investor Should Invest in Cryptocurrency

To underscore why every investor should invest in Cryptocurrency, we will look at the action of none other than the most influential entrepreneur of the 21st century.   This year in 2021 will be remembered as year Elon Musk drove the demand for both Bitcoin and Dogecoins to the roof. This happened in February when the billionaire businessman spent billions of dollars on the two cryptocurrencies.  Elon Musk’s decision is an excellent pointer that every future-looking investor worldwide should consider cryptocurrencies in their investment portfolios.

Benefits of adding cryptocurrency to your portfolio

There are many benefits that an investor can reap from investing in cryptocurrencies. These digital assets are excellent investments. They can be used as savings and capital allocation for a smooth transfer of purchasing power over time. Cryptocurrencies are also becoming widely accepted as payment methods, with many digital and e-commerce entities adopting the popular cryptocurrencies as their  accepted payment methods.  In February 2021, Mastercard announced its support for cryptos as payment methods, joining many other payment gateways in the race.

Cryptocurrencies are unrestrictive, it features minimal investment barriers because they are divisible, and one can buy small fractions without restrictions. This means that both emerging and established investors can buy fractions of cryptocurrency units.  that avails the trade to almost everyone. For example, one can buy as little as one Satoshi, which is equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC.

Cryptocurrency investments are also highly liquid thanks to the 24/7 exchange operations. This essentially means that an investor can trade their assets any time. The diversity of cryptocurrency assets is another benefit that an investor enjoys.  They can lower their risks by selecting their chosen cryptocurrency from a long exhaustive list.

Cryptocurrencies are also highly transparent investment options thanks to the blockchain technology that they utilize. Most cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, and this means that they are reliable, transparent, and traceable. Most importantly, records generated through blockchain technology cannot be altered.

Lower fee with cryptocurrency

Moreover, compared to stocks or other investment classes of assets, cryptocurrency investments attract much lower fees. This means that an investor does not lose a lot of their wealth in fees and hidden overheads.  In general, the popular payout/purchase methods like Coinbase USD Wallet, US Bank accounts, Debit Card Buy, and Instant Cash Withdrawal attract less than 5% in fees on the value of the transaction.

In summary,  a digital investor cannot get fulfilled without having considered cryptocurrencies because they form a significant niche in digital investments. The long list of benefits outlined here also demonstrates why everyone should consider buying a cryptocurrency for investment


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