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Craig Wright Asserts Privilege Over 11 Documents, Claims Bonded Courier is An Attorney

Craig Wright, self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator is still battling a court case with the Kleiman estate. This time around, the Australian computer scientist has asserted privilege over 11,000 documents to prevent them from being shared. Wright also claimed that the bonded courier who is supposed to reveal information about an encrypted wallet is an attorney, hence, the information about the bonded courier cannot be shared, according to a document filed on February 2, 2020.

Craig Wright and Kleiman Estate in a Legal Battle

Craig Wright has been in a legal battle with the Kleiman estate, the family of late Dave Kleiman, who was Wright’s former business partner. The plaintiff alleges that Wright defrauded the late Kleiman of Bitcoins worth billions of dollars and intellectual property. Specifically, it is alleged that Wright is holding onto 1.1 million Bitcoins which he and Kleiman had acquired through a partnership. As such, the Kleiman estate is demanding part of the funds.

Now, a recent court filing by the plaintiff reveals that Craig Wright has asserted privilege over 11,000 documents, which would have allowed the court to verify claims he had made. These documents are of companies Wright had either been involved with or created. However, the computer scientist claims that these are privileged documents that he cannot share.

On the other hand, the court filing reveals that all but two companies and Chain are still operational. Others have either deregistered or are in the process of being liquidated. Accordingly, the plaintiff says Wright should be ordered to present these documents since they are mostly associated with dissolved entities, hence, they are “unequivocally not privileged”

Kleiman Estate Says Wright is Using Companies as a Sword and Shield

Nonetheless, Kleiman’s attorney claims that Wright is using these companies as a “sword”, and a “shield.” Like a sword, he asserts privilege over these documents, and as a shield, he claims he cannot access the documents for these companies. The plaintiff concludes that Wright embraces these companies in a bid to hide documents. And when it suits him, he denies having control over these same companies.

Asides from that, Wright maintains that the bonded courier which was supposed to provide the private key to a wallet holding the 1.1 million Bitcoins is an attorney and his communications are privileged. The wallet, in question, is believed to hold the Bitcoin addresses owned by Wright, which he is supposed to share with the Florida court.

Prior to this time, Wright had submitted a document consisting of the Bitcoin addresses that were requested by the court. He claimed that he had received information and a private key to access the encrypted file from a third party.

Now, Kleiman’s attorney is demanding more information about this bonded courier and his company alleging that Wright’s claim cannot be trusted. According to them, he had “forged documents, submitted false declarations and perjured himself in open court,” in the past.


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