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Writer Blasts Justin Sun for Promoting TRON Using Kobe Bryant’s Death

A displeased writer has picked up their knife & pitchfork and spat fire at cryptocurrency company Tron and its CEO Justin Sun for daring to promote its native asset, TRON using legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant’s death. Moreover, it just happened to be at a time when the deceased’s family and fans are still trying to come to terms with Bryant’s and his 13-year-old daughter’s demise.’

Justin Sun Promotes TRON Using Kobe Bryant’s

Justin Sun didn’t know he had it coming when he and TRON Foundation decided to do a little bit of marketing using the late Kobe Bryant’s name. Bryant and his daughter, Gianna Bryant were killed in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020.

TRON Foundation tweeted that the late Bryant “is a member of the TRON Family”. The crypto company also publicized a picture Justin Sun took with the late icon in 2019, while at the Tron event, niTROn 2019. Also, a video of Sun with a souvenir wearing the LA Lakers jersey was uploaded. And specifically, the jersey sported number 24, which Bryant played during his career.

Media Outlet Blasts Justin Sun

On the other hand, it was all heaven broke loose when a writer threw shades at Tron Foundation, most especially Justin Sun for always seizing an opportunity to promote its native asset, TRON. However, this time around, it had gone a bit too far.  According to the writer, Sun was using the Icon’s image to promote his dying cryptocurrency. TRON is about 90% down from its value in January 2018.

While many may applaud the writer’s bravery in calling out Tron and Sun for the deed, it appears to have been pent up anger, fueled by the previous events. Prior to this time, Sun had announced that Liverpool FC has partnered with Tron. However, the British professional football club Liverpool refuted the claim.

Bitcoin and Fiat Saga Over Coronavirus

Nonetheless, the cryptocurrency community has been blasted time and again for taking advantage of certain events to promote Bitcoin and other assets. For instance, many users on social media began to publicize that paper money encourages the spread of the coronavirus. Whereas, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer digital transfers, thereby reducing the need to come in contact with cash.

The latter was also enough to stir an uproar given that several Bitcoin bears, began to publicize that fiat can also be transferred digitally. Moreover, China has one of the largest digital payment systems in the world.

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