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What Locals think of Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency set to launch in 2020

One would thing that when a technology juggernaut as facebook announces a bold new venture– especially one of this caliber, the entire world will halt at its beckoning call. However, Surprisingly, at the heart of silicon valley; less than 10 miles from Facebook headquarter; a place where locals become the early adopters of technology by proximity; and where most can claim to know a thing or two about technology, most locals in San Jose, Ca. are not aware of the highly publicized and controversial Libra cryptocurrency set to launch in the year 2020.

We persisted to find a few locals that were aware and willing to share their thoughts of the Libra announcement. Most were quick proclaim their skepticism, doubts, and apprehension towards the idea of Facebook launching its own Cryptocurrency despite being reminded of its notable and revered founding partners such as Paypal, Uber, Visa, etc. that will play a major role in the Libra Cryptocurrency.

We spoke with San Jose State University Senior Connor, who believes that the current cryptocurrencies have not lived up to its hype hence what more could the Libra bring to the first world that could make a significant impact and perhaps it is geared towards developing countries.

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