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Will Facebook Libra live up to the hype?

Facebook is undoubtably one of the most successful companies around but will it garner the same success with its new venture Libra? The success of Libra will, as with alot of companies depend on the execution and the team behind it. Executing or helping facilitate the execution of successful products is something Facebook has done in the past and appears to have the full capability of doing the same with Libra. As for having a credible team, the Facebook along with its notable partners that includes Uber, Lyft, Paypal, Visa, etc. are more than qualified and credible to make Libra a Success. However, the crux of the success of Libra will depend on how effectively its partners are able to seamlessly integrated Libra into their system without disrupting user experience.

Hence on the question of whether the Libra Cryptocurrency will live up to its hype, one should look no further to the extent that the aforementioned partners have transformed our world, and moreover, Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc. have already pervaded our society and are increasing being adopted all around.

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